Co-Creation – the new addition to our vocabulary

Just as progress marches ahead in every field of human activity, new words and terminologies emerge to express and explain them. They then remain in the vocabulary as a record in language forever.

This is exactly what has been happening with us at Gemini Sampling Solutions because of our constant work at designing, manufacturing and delivery. The new addition to our vocabulary was being developed in the winter of 2018-19, when we began conceptualising products for specific operations in various industries. The blueprint was perfected and we swung into design and manufacturing according to specific requirements. Our efforts finally resulted in the installation of a new Ferro-Alloys Sampler in the plant of one of the biggest names in industry in India.

The word that emerged from this entire process, is ‘Co-Creation’.

Why do we call it ‘Co-Creation’?

The work was possible with inputs from both the client and our engineers. Without visits to the plant to understand its requirements and layout, without being aware of the bottlenecks and hurdles as well as other specific particulars like height of shed, point of entry, existence of safety features and other parameters – the design could not be envisaged.

With this first-hand information from on-site inspection, the design process has to incorporate all applicable standards. The completed project plan had to be presented, along with our observations, to the client. This elicited comments and inputs from the client’s team members had to be taken into account. These teams represented departments like Logistics, Engineering, and Safety. These points were addressed over several technical meetings and formal exchanges before the final design could be arrived at – a plan that was attractive for the client and deliverable by us.

Co-Created manufacturing

Even the physical processes of creation were a joint effort. The client undertook a significant portion of the fabrication under professional supervision of the Gemini Engineering team. Component parts of the equipment were made by co-manufacturers and brought in from Kolkata.

The finishing procedures – of securing safety guidelines, on-spot customisations, and completion was completed at the erection stage. Every detail was cross-checked, down to the agreed colours and other particulars. Only then was the project finally over – with the new piece of equipment up and running.

Therefore, it was teamwork from start to finish and thoroughly deserves the term ‘Co-Creation’ – which we are proud to have added to our vocabulary. It is now one of the pillars of our pattern of work.

Satisfaction all round

Co-Creation is a part of our practice at Gemini Sampling Solutions – and is a win-win proposition for both parties. We are happy to provide customised solutions to our clients – because each and every case is unique. Each project has its own set of general specifications. And we are happy to work on these very individualities and come to satisfying solutions – every time!

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