Hydraulics, that stream of science and technology that deals with powering machines by the pressure that is created by fluids, is seen in use and practice in many industries throughout the world. For an overview of the role of hydraulics in operation, click on our comprehensive article entitled ‘Hydraulics in Action’ [place link to the second Hydraulics article here] too see how Hydraulics works. This branch of technology has brought in huge benefits to industry and we are all gainers wherever we are in the world.

Industries that use Hydraulics daily
The physics behind hydraulics explains that that force is applied at a specific point, which is transmitted as energy to another point through an incompressible fluid. This fluid is normally a type of oil or an equitable synthetic. From construction companies using hydraulics in their heavy machinery, or hairdressers pumping their chair to get them on the level of their mirrors, hydraulics is a part of everyday life of industries and people alike.
Here are some industries using hydraulics that are connected with our everyday lives:

Automotive Industry
The automobile industry is one of the largest users of hydraulics in the world, not only to manufacture the cars but also inside the cars themselves. Cars make use of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic breaks and even hydraulic motors.

Landscaping Industry
In the landscaping industry, hydraulic equipment such as skid steer loaders are often used to move gravel, dirt and mulch, and excavators are used to ground for patios and other options.



Construction Industry
Construction sites always have hydraulic equipment. Backhoes, bulldozers, and excavators all utilize hydraulic power to make massive jobs easy. The small, Hydraulics power the flexible arms of the giant machines so that workers can complete tasks that would take weeks to finish manually. Even smaller tools, like jackhammers, use hydraulics.

Entertainment Industry
In the entertainment world, Hydraulics plays a significant role. Musicians use hydraulic platforms in shows to rise onto the stage. In movie sets, hydraulics is used for special effects. In amusement parks, the Ferris wheel and the carousel and in several other fun rides are powered by Hydraulics.

Aerospace Industry
The aviation and aerospace industries use hydraulic machinery daily. Equipment like take-off and landing gear are some of the examples of hydraulics used in planes.

Personal Fitness Industry
Gym machines often use hydraulic cylinders to increase resistance. These are the newer and high-end equipment that people work out on in gyms across the world.

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