Importance of Mechanization of coal sampling and analysis

The rapid increase in coal utilization in the twentieth century has led to the development of a number of test methods for coal analysis so as to correlate coal composition and properties with its performance and behavior. However, it is only by assiduous sampling and analysis of coal that the various aspects of coal usage can be achieved in an effective and environmentally acceptable manner.

Automated mechanical sampling systems have now gained widespread application to increase the accuracy of the technique as well as precision of the results.The sampling process involves the use of mechanized sampling equipment appropriate for the carriers from where the sample needs to be collected. To ensure that a sample is representative, correct sampling and preparation procedures should be followed. Modifications to the standard procedures may have significant effects on the precision of the final results, which can lead to disputes between the seller and the customer.

In any sampling process, the quantity of sample collected in one increment is much larger compared to the actual quantity required for moisture analysis or quality testing. Hence, the idea of integrated sampling and sample preparation system has been developed to streamline the whole sampling system.

The use of Mechanical Systems eliminates the transportation and manpower cost of preparing the sample. And since, there is no human intervention in the collection of the sample, the result obtained is unbiased, accurate and precise. The mechanical sampling process is also preferable from the safety point of view. It needs human intervention in only supervisory roles.

The significant volume of coal traded among coal-producing and coal-consuming countries requires cross-referencing of standards for coal sampling and coal analysis, acceptable to both, the seller and the buyer. As a result, various international and national standards for coal sampling and evaluation have been established. Strict adherence to the standard procedures is necessary to obtain repeatable and reproducible results, which further reinforces the advantage of the use of Mechanical Sampling and Analysis systems.

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