Gemini Sampling Solutions provides customised products to match the exact requirement of the customer. A selection of standardised products have also been designed and manufactured, according to the most common requirements of the industry. All Gemini products have a guarantee of 1 year and option for Annual Maintenance thereafter.

Complete Sampling Solutions

Gemini Sampling Stations provides a hassle free solutions for your sampling needs. The Sampling Stations provides sample extraction, preparation, quantity reduction and return of balance material, all in one package. The final sample collected is just the amount and grain size required for laboratory analysis. The entire process is customised according to the relevant standard and your requirement.


Gemini Mechanical Samplers provide a safe and unbiased method for extracting representative samples from bulk materials. Mechanical sampling removes the need of human intervention in the sampling process thus increasing operational safety and sampling bias. The Samplers are designed and manufactured according to the applicable standards and customised to fit your sampling requirements


Gemini Sampling Solutions provides Crushers for preparing the raw sample to the required grain size.

Material Handling

Gemini Material Handling systems work in tandem with the surrounding systems to simplify the logistic requirements of a typical sample extraction to laboratory analysis process. The main application being the alongside the online sample preparation system, to return the balance material to the process flow. Automated transport of material within a process reduces cycle time of the entire process and increases operational safety.


Gemini Testing Equipment are designed and manufactured according to the relevant testing standards to provide automated material testing solutions. These machines are rugged and meant for bulk material testing on site with low cycle times and manpower requirement.