Providing Customised Automation – GEMINI’s Sieve Analyser

GEMINI Sampling Solutions, a company dedicated to providing automated and customised sampling solutions for a range of industries, is happy to introduce its Sieve Analyser to the world.

With its avowed motto to “Customise, Innovate, Improve”, Gemini has designed a range of options that are the best fit for individual industries at their specific locations. To do this, they partner the client company in searching out the best options for the client, catering to the particular needs of each case. Every case is different – and therefore the young Company has added a new word in its philosophy of operations – Co-Creation. This coinage emphasises the close co-operation between Gemini Sampling Solutions and their customers and clients while they develop tailor-made, situation-adapted automated solutions – together. And the process of interaction begins at the drawing board and continues to delivery and assembly of the finished product.

Among Gemini’s bespoke creations, modifications and location-adapted offerings is the heavy-duty Sieve Analyser that frees up a lot of man-hours by making the industrial sieving process, which is usually manual, mechanised.

Gemini’s Sieve Analyser provides an accurate and quick option to analyse the size of bulk materials according to relevant standards. It is easy to use and requires little maintenance and minimal manpower. Therefore, industries can dedicate its resources for other departments and needs, or re-think their requirements for resources and time and manpower allocations.

For further ease of use and applicability, the Sieve Analyser comes in several variants. They can be stationary – where they are located at a fixed place in the plant, or mobile – wherein they can be moved from one location to another. They can also be semi-automatic, where a certain amount of manual intervention is needed, or fully automatic which drastically cuts down the need for human involvement. These variants have been created so that efficiency is maximized and existing processes as well as patterns of work can be seamlessly integrated to this new way of working.

Industries would only have to look at the enviable features of this piece of automation to be further convinced of its effectiveness. The materials that go into making these machines have been selected for their longevity. The weighing and recording of measurements are automated and they can be recorded to be seen or studied later. The individual parts of the machine – the important sieve trays – have been designed such that they can be removed easily for periodic cleaning. Dust pollution, which is a major irritant in sieving operations, does not happen because the entire system is enclosed.

Lastly, this piece of equipment can be purchased as a stand-alone machine to be integrated to the existing infrastructure of the plant or can be available as a part of the Gemini Samplers and Sample Preparation Systems.

With so many choices that come after the custom-made product has been completed for a specific client, it is easy to understand why the Sieve Sampler would be an invaluable addition to an industry’s production line. And the benefits – of low manpower use and drastic reduction of manual errors are the reasons why automation has come in, in the first place.

Business continuity, quality of work, ease of operations and safety – all are assured with Gemini’s Mechanical Samplers and Sampling Systems. Among them, the Sieve Analyser is a facility promising the same high standards and virtue of dependability as all the other pieces of equipment from Gemini’s range. 

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